Where to STAY in Bolesławiec: 5 Good Hotels & Accommodations

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Boleslawiec Poland where to stay where to sleep hotels
Boleslawiec Poland where to stay where to sleep hotels

 have created a list of 5 interesting places to stay in Bolesławiec to make your trip to the city easier. Bolesławiec is one of the most visited in the Lower Silesian District of Poland because of its ceramics.

The described accommodation proposals are located close to the city centre and Bolesławiec’s most important tourist attractions. I hope that thanks to the list below, it will be easier for you to decide where to sleep in Bolesławiec.

1. Noclegi16

Noclegi16 is a facility located 1.5 km from the city centre of Bolesławiec, just in time for a walk (and there is plenty to admire on the way!). The hotel offers small rooms with two single beds to quadruple rooms.

See more photos of Noclegi16 and book your stay!

Next to the facility, you will have a beautiful, green garden with a terrace where you can enjoy coffee or tea in the morning. An additional convenience is free parking if you come to Bolesławiec by car, as well as the possibility of renting barbecue equipment – you can only count on good weather.

Nearby, you can plan a bicycle or hiking trip – there are many places for a trip, after all, it is one of the most forested areas in Poland. The nice atmosphere and the aura of the facility’s owners will make you gladly come back here if you plan your next trip to Bolesławiec!

2. Agroturystyka Klekusiowo

Agroturystyka Klekusiowo is located 8 km from the centre of Bolesławiec – away from busy streets, in a green, quiet corner. Perfect for people looking for a quiet and peaceful place to rest outside the city. The facility offers visitors rooms with full equipment, such as flat TV, balcony, and even the possibility of using a beautiful sun terrace.

See more photos of Agroturystyka Klekusiowo and book your stay!

An additional advantage is the numerous amenities for the disabled. You will find that the area is also conducive to cycling and horse riding. You can even see grazing horses next to the facility!

Nearby you will see numerous attractions, such as parks, and squares. It is a beautiful place that is also worth visiting if you plan to come with children – the owners took care of the youngest, creating a mini playground in front of the facility.

3. Noclegi na Polnej

Noclegi na Polnej is a facility that is located nearby, only 750 meters from a charming market square full of colorful houses. It’s about a 10-minute walk! There is a railway station nearby, as well as a LIDL store, thanks to which you can quickly replenish your food supplies, which ran out quite unexpectedly. 😉

Fully equipped rooms, decorated in warm colours, with wooden accessories, are ideal for smaller groups and families with children. Additionally, there is a playroom in the facility and a playground outside for your child.

See more photos of Noclegi na Polnej and book your stay!

It combines everything you need away. I remember him very nicely because I did not lack the opportunity to spend time in various ways, I felt the unique atmosphere of this town, and at the same time, I did not lack peace because the object is located so that I could not hear the city’s bustle.

You can enjoy numerous attractions such as fishing, hiking or canoeing. The facility’s location is so convenient that you do not have to limit yourself when planning entertainment. You will undoubtedly find something for yourself!

4. Eliza noclegi

Eliza noclegi offers nice accommodation for people looking for a place away from the city centre, but close enough to get there quickly if necessary. The advantage of the facility is the possibility of renting a room with a balcony or terrace, with a beautiful view of the garden and mountains.

See more photos of Eliza noclegi and book your stay!

You can also count on variety when it comes to meals. A children’s menu and special diet menus are available on request. In the garden, you can use the barbecue facilities, which are most popular on sunny days.

An additional advantage of the location of this facility is the possibility of trekking and cycling. I mentioned the forests of Bolesławiec earlier… 😉

5. Hotel Centrum

Hotel Centrum is an ideal choice for people looking for a hotel in the center of Bolesławiec – the hotel is only 300 meters from the old town. So you don’t have to worry about shops or the extended reach of the main attractions, you will have everything right under your nose!

See more photos of Hotel Centrum and book your stay!

The hotel meets the “dogs” – you can take your pet here, because animals on the premises of the hotel are most welcome. Most importantly for many other tourists and for me: modern decor, nice staff, and a rich breakfast buffet (yes, I admit it, I like to eat well!) will be attractive for many travellers.

Map of interesting places to stay in Bolesławiec

Before I present you my list of places worth staying in Bolesławiec, check the map below. There you will find all available accommodation in Bolesławiec. So you can check out the part of the city that interests you the most.

Hotels, hostels and apartments in Bolesławiec are located both in the center and on the outskirts of the city and each of them has a different standard, room equipment and – of course – price. Take a look to initially get an overview of the hotels and accommodation available in Bolesławiec.


These are all the offers for accommodation in Bolesławiec that I have prepared for you. I hope that one of the proposals suits your taste and I helped you decide where to sleep in Bolesławiec. I wish you a pleasant stay in this charming city!


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