Where to stay in Kłodzko & Kłodzko Valley: 10 BEST hotels & accommodations

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Klodzko Poland where to stay where to sleep hotels
Klodzko Poland where to stay where to sleep hotels

The Kłodzko Land is a real treasure trove of attractions in Lower Silesia, and its main city is Kłodzko. If you are faced with choosing a place to stay in Kłodzko, I have a few suggestions for you.

These are places where, above all, you can count on a good standard, low price and great location. So check what ideas for accommodation in Kłodzko I have prepared for you.


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1. Agroturystyka “u Piwowara”

Agroturystyka “u Piwowara” will work if you are looking for a starting point for visiting Kłodzko, but you want the place to be quiet, peaceful, surrounded by greenery and at a nice, affordable price. I was delighted with the charming and accommodating hosts, with a fantastic homely atmosphere.

See more photos of Agroturystyka “u Piwowara” and book your stay!

In addition, all motorists will be happy because you do not have to pay for parking on-site. Homemade cake for morning coffee? A garden, a barbecue area and equipment, a sun terrace, and a playground – if you are coming with children and want them to have the opportunity to take care of themselves a little. There is a shop and a kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances.

2. Willa przy Czarnej Bramie

Willa przy Czarnej Bramie offers more expensive accommodation, but the neighbourhood is worth it! If you are the type of man who is closer to urban climates than to the countryside and everything related to it – this one!

See more photos of Willa przy Czarnej Bramie and book your stay!

A tenement house from the 16th century with romantic decor, clean, cosy and… close to everywhere! The location is almost the very center, with nearby restaurants and cafes worth visiting.

And the view from the window – if you pay attention to what is interesting so that you can peek at the city through the glass, and at the same time not have to listen to the buzz and noise – here you will feel good. Free parking on-site in the neighbouring streets and the possibility of buying a tasty breakfast at a low price.

3. Willa nad rzeką

Willa nad rzeką is modern but not too expensive! And it’s right next to the Old Town! Clean, spacious, to a very good standard. There are even wine glasses in the apartment’s stock, so you can go here for a romantic stay without hesitation.

See more photos of Willa nad rzeką and book your stay!

There is free wifi and parking on site. However, if you are going to Kłodzko by train or bus, it is also great, because you will be only 120 m away from them, the so-called “A stone’s throw”. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and local parks nearby, as well as the view of the Neisse, so you don’t need to make any compromises 🙂

4. Apartament Grottgera

You will find Apartament Grottgera if you know the Gothic bridge in Kłodzko. The apartment is located next to it. The Old Town, the fortress, numerous restaurants and cafes – you will be only a short walk away from them.

See more photos of Apartament Grottgera and book your stay!

Modern, although the apartments are located in an old (apparently) tenement house. It is worth booking accommodation here to enter the building and be surprised by its interiors. Free wifi and on-site parking. There is also a shop and a beauty salon.

You will find board games, puzzles and billiards for the evening chill here. There are also many other attractions in the area for an additional fee – hiking, fishing, tennis court, skiing, etc.

5. Hotel Korona

Hotel Korona is the last of my proposals. Have you ever slept in an inn? If not, now is your chance! 😉 Good price/quality ratio. The hotel is pet friendly, so if you have a pet, you don’t need to leave it with your relatives or drop it off at the hotel.

See more photos of Hotel Korona and book your stay!

Importantly – you will eat a delicious breakfast here, which many guests praise, including me – I sincerely subscribe to it. Very good location close to the centre, many parks and cafes in the area.

Comfortable, clean, and cosy, but it’s nothing compared to the atmosphere of this place itself. A nice treat for everyone who likes new discoveries, exciting accessories and innovative ideas. Here you will feel it at every step.

6. Hotel Kłodzko (Boguszyn)

Hotel Kłodzko is situated 4.7 km northeast of the centre of Kłodzko, near Boguszyn. It is worth going here in the summer – then you will have an outdoor swimming pool here, and a beautiful garden, which is everything you will need for a proper rest.

See more photos of Hotel Kłodzko and book your stay!

The property prepares delicious continental or American buffet breakfasts. Good information for those who like to bask – you can use the sauna on-site. However, if you are a fan of spending time actively, you will surely enjoy the nearby bicycle routes, and in winter – ski routes.

In addition, being on-site, I gladly used the private parking, fitness centre, and terrace, where I had a coffee, and entertainment in the form of billiards, table tennis and darts. However, it will be a great idea in the evenings or when the weather is not good – because there are so many interesting places and hiking trails around!

7. Dom nad Srebrną Rzeką (Bardo)

Dom nad Srebrną Rzeką is located in the charming town of Bardo, several kilometers from Kłodzko. It is about a 16-minute drive by car, although those using public transport, in this case by train, will reach Kłodzko even faster.

See more photos of Dom nad Srebrną Rzeką and book your stay!

There will be a bar at your disposal on the premises and a lounge for the use of all guests. You will also be able to use the garden – maybe you can even take a nap on a hammock hanging among the trees.

If you don’t have your own bike, you’ve come to the right place because the facility will provide you with bike equipment, so you can plan trips around the area. I will just mention that the cult singletrack routes run through the Bardo, which can be used even by inexperienced cyclists.

8. Agroturystyka Nad Cichą (Niwa)

Agroturystyka nad Cichą is located in the village of Niwa near Polanica-Zdrój. It is only a few minutes by car from Kłodzko, and Polanica itself is a very well-known and appreciated spa town of Lower Silesia. Agritourism is a wonderful, quiet and peaceful place for people who are simply looking for peace and quiet.

See more photos of Agroturystyka Nad Cichą and book your stay!

As befits agritourism, the main advantage is the surrounding greenery. This must be enough for you because the nearest “civilization” – cafes, bars, attractions – is approx. 4 km away. But let me reassure you – you won’t be hungry! On-site, it is naturally possible to buy breakfast and dinner. You will also have a kitchenette at your disposal, where you can prepare snacks or dinner yourself.

You can confidently take your four-legged friend to agritourism, who will certainly be welcome here, just like the dogs of guests who stayed there at the same time as me.

9. Pokoje Gościnne Gazda (Polanica-Zdrój)

Pokoje Gościnne Gazda is a facility located in Polanica, about 14 minutes by car from Kłodzko. When booking your stay, you can use a private bathroom and get a free cosmetics package – so you will save space in your suitcase! I am writing about it because the presence of a shower gel is still not standard in Polish accommodation facilities.

See more photos of Pokoje Gościnne Gazda and book your stay!

In my opinion, an important aspect is the possibility of using the barbecue facilities (it will be a pleasure because the garden is phenomenal!). I will not mention the possibilities of practising sports such as skiing or trekking because virtually the entire area has such opportunities.

The property is an ideal place for the whole family. And the price – very competitive in relation to the quality, especially if you are looking for discounts when booking your accommodation through Booking.com.

10. Apartament Danusia (Kłodzko)

Apartament Danusia is located about 2 km from the centre of Kłodzko, in the direction of Boguszyn. Distance from the train station is roughly 30 minutes walk, so pretty good as long as you don’t have enormously heavy suitcases with you.

See more photos of Apartament Danusia and book your stay!

The facility offers guests a bedroom with a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower, and in the event that you plan to come for a longer stay, the presence of a washing machine may be useful (and climbing the surrounding mountains can squeeze a sweat).

If you value peace and quiet, this is the perfect place for you, at the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it is a great starting point for the Kłodzko Valley. There is a lot of greenery nearby, and the beauty of nature encourages you to commune outside, also with the dogs that may come here with you.

Map of interesting places to stay in Kłodzko

Before we get to the point – check out the map below. You will find all available accommodation in Kłodzko. So you can check out the part of the city that interests you the most.

Hotels, hostels and apartments in Kłodzko are located in different parts of the city and each of them has a different standard, room equipment and – of course – price. Take a look to initially get to know the offer of hotels and accommodation available in Kłodzko.


These were all the proposals for accommodation in Kłodzko that I wanted to present to you. I hope one of them caught your eye and you will use it during your trip to Kłodzko. I wish you a pleasant stay in this beautiful city.


Looking for exciting places to see in Lower Silesia? Want to save time on planning?

Get a map of 110 attractions in Lower Silesia. Works on your phone & computer (Google Maps).

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