Where to STAY in Košice: 5 Good Hotels & Accommodations

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Kosice Slovakia where to stay where to sleep hotels
Kosice Slovakia where to stay where to sleep hotels

Since you came here, it means that you are looking for cheap hotels in Slovak Kosice. That’s good, because I’d like to help you find a suitable places to stay for you. Here you will find 5 best areas to stay in Košice – these are cheap hotels, usually located in the city centre, and very popular. So, are we starting?

Here is my specially prepared list of 5 interesting places to stay that will prove useful during a trip to Košice. I hope you will like one of them especially and will complement your itinerary with a place to stay in Košice.

Map of interesting places to stay in Košice

On the map below, you can check the facilities where you can stay when visiting Košice – these are all the options available on a given date. Here you can see the average prices and location of hotels in Košice. Below you will find descriptions of the most interesting accommodation options in my opinion.


1. Hostel Vodna 1

Hostel Vodna 1 is located close because 500 m from the centre of Košice. The rooms are clean and tidy, despite the meager price of the accommodation. A very comfortable bed, a fully equipped shared kitchen, and guest rooms – this facility is for everyone!

See more photos of Hostel Vodna 1 and book your stay!

If you like sightseeing, go ahead – you can see the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, is 700 m from here, so a walk is recommended. Don’t worry, because you won’t be bored in the evenings – the city is teeming with life! There are many restaurants, cafes, bars nearby, where you can spend time with family and friends and get to know the atmosphere of this place. I am sure that you will be satisfied and you will certainly appreciate the possibility of returning to the hotel in no time.

2. Apartment Ela Centre

Apartment Ela Centre is even closer to the center of Košice than its predecessor – only 250 m! Nearby you will find the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth and Steel Arena and you can easily get to both places on foot because they are within a short distance. You can also go trekking and fishing here, so hello adventure!

See more photos of Apartment Ela Centre and book your stay!

You don’t have to worry about parking spaces, because there is a free car park downstairs, which of course you can use. But if you come to Košice by train – you will have a kilometer walk from the station. The owner deserves praise, he is a very nice and hospitable person.

The apartment is actually flat with a bedroom and a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower, so you will find here all the equipment necessary for everyday life. There is also a car rental on site, so you can come to Košice by train, for example, and continue your journey to the surrounding attractions by car without paying a fortune.

3. ŠD Urbánkova 2

ŠD Urbánkova 2 is located in a quiet part of Košice, less than 2 km from the city center. It is admittedly a facility with more modest equipment, but it is sufficient for a short stay in the city. What you will definitely find useful is the 24-hour reception – who knows, maybe you will want to explore Košice late in the evening and return to your hotel in the middle of the night?

See more photos of ŠD Urbánkova 2 and book your stay!

Inside there is a communal kitchen equipped with everything you need if you plan to prepare your own meals. In the vicinity, you can visit the most important monuments of Košice: the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, Steel Arena and Hrnčiarska Street – a walking tour recommended!

I am convinced that this modest but quite nice hotel will meet your expectations, because the value for money is really good. You will find that I was right!

4. Penzion Plaza

Penzion Plaza is located in the historic center of Košice – to the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, you can walk in 3 minutes. This location is one of the greatest advantages of this destination – a few moments on foot to the old town, 700 m to the Jacob’s Palace, to the 14th-century St. Michael 5 minutes away.

See more photos of Penzion Plaza and book your stay!

Expect very nicely furnished, air-conditioned (!) Rooms with a private bathroom. One of the main advantages (at least for a person like me) is as many as 8 different breakfast sets to choose from. There is also a bar and restaurant, serving traditional local cuisine that you will surely like. Lick your fingers!

5. Dorfel Apartments

Dorfel Apartments is another proposal with a great location in the very centre of Košice. I am surprised how many interesting offers can be found in the heart of this city. Interesting and cheap – this proposal will not be an exception.

See more photos of Dorfel Apartments and book your stay!

Good news for families with children, the nearest fountain and ice cream parlor are literally a stone’s throw away. In addition to this walk, you can walk to the East Slovak Galeria Košice, which is 200 m away. Perhaps you will also be interested in Katova Basta or Park Moyzesova (350 m from here). There are several parks a bit further, so on the one hand it is close to the bustling market square and on the other hand it is a green resting place.

The facility is pet-friendly, so feel free to take your pet on vacation. The rooms are large and climatically decorated. A comfy bed, a small terrace where you can enjoy your coffee, private bathroom, minibar – sounds pretty good.

These are all the proposals for accommodation in Košice that I wanted to present to you. I hope that one of the options I recommend will be perfect for your accommodation in Košice. I wish you a pleasant stay in Slovakia!

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