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Mountains of Lower Silesia (Poland): 55 Best Hiking Trails & Trip Ideas

 11.90 VAT incl.

As many as 55 of the best hiking trails – ready plans for trips to the mountains of Lower Silesia. The most beautiful routes, the most exciting views, the most beautiful side of Poland.

For one day and the entire weekend – both for people travelling by cartrain and bus.

Don’t waste time planning your trip and enjoy your time in the mountains.

I have planned it all for you!

What can you find on the map?

Attractions along the way

to let you know what beautiful things you will see along the way

Map and elevation profile of the route

so that you know the course and level of difficulty from the start

Directions to the starting point

so you know how to get to the starting point and back home

Practical information

so you know where to eat and resupply along the way

What does the ebook look like from inside?

I have presented each route for you in a convenient format. You will instantly find the most important information you need for your hike:

  • the type of hike (day or weekend),
  • the type of transport (by car or public transport),
  • level of difficulty & length of the route,
  • good restaurants with delicious food,
  • accessibility of the trail for families with children,
  •  facilities for restaurants and rest areas.


After your purchase, you will receive an ebook from me with ready-made hiking routes in a particular mountain range. All you have to do is choose the route that interests you the most, read the details and set off.

Next to each route you’ll find a link to the hiking route so you can navigate easily during your trip.

Some blog readers boast that they most enjoy printing out the relevant pages of the ebook for themselves and setting off into the mountains with them.

The ebook is saved in pdf format.

You can therefore open it on all devices that support this storage format (iOS and Android phones, Windows computers, macOS, tablets, etc.).

You may need to install the free Adobe Reader to handle pdf files.

After your purchase, you will receive an email from me with a link to download the ebook.

Please note that you will not receive the ebook file from me in the email – you must download it yourself using the link you receive from me.

Yes, you will find a pictogram next to the routes that can easily be walked with children.

This does not mean that children cannot manage the other routes. However, they may be a little more challenging (they may require more stops along the way).

Next to each route, you will find a profile of the route in addition to the length and estimated walking time.

The profile will show you how steep the route awaits you and how many of them there will be. By clicking on the route map, you can profile the route in even more detail.

Yes! I have prepared a map for each route, which you will be able to open on your phone during your hike.

You will need the Mapa Turystyczna app (available on Android and iOS) for this. However, it is not required for you to open these routes.

This means that you will find a convenient place to stay overnight at the end of day 1 of the tour. This will be a hostel or a town where hotels and guesthouses are available.

The end point from day 1 of the hike will be the starting point of day 2 of the hike.

Benefits of having a map

saving time

You don't have to browse through guidebooks, blogs and poring over maps to mark your chosen destinations. You can go hiking straight away, with a map of the route ready to go.

peace of mind

You won't worry that you've chosen an uninteresting route or that it will prove too difficult - I've checked this before.


See beautiful places and attractions that you might have missed when planning a trip yourself - impossible with my itinerary.

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