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On this page you will find all you need to make your travel exceptional.

This category includes tips about travelling better and cheaper, making better travel photography, finding cheap flights

You will also find a lot about taking all the effort out of trip preparations, spending less on currency exchange, and so on!

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Why you need to know some Travel Tips & How to’s?

Travelling is simple and easy – believe me! But sometimes, it takes a lot of organization and information to plan the whole long trip.

To make it simple, I’ve made dozens of travel guides.

There’s exciting preparation, like deciding which places you want to visit, but also there’s some tedious, necessary preparation – like exchanging currencies and choosing the best travel insurance.

After reading some of my best articles, you can learn how to pack a bag effectively, how to find the cheapest flight tickets, how to find and choose the best travel insurance and book the most convenient accommodation.

So please enjoy my or travel hacks and have a nice trip!